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2nd Full Length - Ybbs City Hardcore 2012


released January 1, 2012




all rights reserved


Bloodshed Remains Ybbs An Der Donau, Austria

After years of hard work their new EP PEACE creates a fresh sound for BSR, which they really like to expand on their next LP (BsR already works with Nick Jett on a date for the LP). They wrote this EP with a new line up and also the message of the EP has a clear aim in reminding people and themselves that there`s still a long way to go for the world in finding a way to live together in PEACE …! ... more

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Back on track

You´ve got our ideology
And I got mine so what´s the matter
We´re not the same kind
Still I can´t find a reason why
We choose war to solve our problems
We don´t need to like each other
But at least we can tolerate

Free living
Free meanings
Now we are back on track

It feels like I got my head on my feet
I can´t get wiser from all I see
Once everything seemed so clear
But reality shows me my frontiers

It´s the end of something
The countdown
What´s next is not ours to know
It´s the end of something
The countdown
New chances demand new mindsets
Get to the bottom of your thoughts
Get to the bottom of yourself

I try to live a faithful life
Stay true to myself and my fellow men
What I see is mutual understanding
Used as plea to betray

All responsibilities get pushed away
Tolerance seems to be gone, I mean in every way

It´s the end of something
The countdown to change
Track Name: BREAK
Break the surface and look what´s inside
This is not what you had in mind
With your everlasting insularity you hide yourself from
Everything you don´t know
Your waiting for a better life
A second chance, another try
Fuck you and your attidude
In the end you have nothing to proof

Break your fences and open your eyes
How can´t you fuckin realize
Life is more than your daily routine
It´s up to you, no one carries you
Don´t turn your back to the truth
Inside you know what to do
You´re just to lazy to move your ass
You´re stuck inside yourself

Break out
Is this how you wanna live?
Break out of yourself
Don´t give a fuck about what they say
You change your day

It ´s up to you,
no one carries you
What the fuck are you waiting for
The time to break is now
Hope dies Last

We are pawn in this life
The game seems to lose its sense
By now we covered ourselfs with to many rules
Laws block and keep you away from thinking
Reasoning fades away

Hope dies last but when does it die
Hope dies last but where does it hide

Too many good people die
And leave you behind
so many questions left unsaid
Guilt turns to despair
Casualness resolves
Finally you find yourself in places
You´ve always despised

Where has it gone
Where does it hide
Hope dies last
Tell me when does it die for you

You see the problem and turn away
You could fix it but you changed your way
Don´t waste a thought to help anyone else
Bescause the maincharacter is yourself

All you fucking hypocrites
I have enough from your shit

You built up this tent of lies
To hide away who you really are
With all your factoids you pollute my ears
You´re just another piece of depressing shame

Hypocrite, Fuck you
All you hypocrites, Die out
Devil may care

In times like these nothing is for free
Still we are unable to relate to what is needed
In times like these nothing is for free
Still we lost the sense for what we really need

Fuck the world is bullshit
Fuck the people that´s what´s up
Instead of confessing our wrongdoing
We search a scapegoat for our outage
Why do do we always need catastrophe
To think one small step ahead
We´re not dump, no that´s not the problem
But selfish wimps dominate the good

We turn pleasure into pain
Devil may care is the wordly wisdom
It´s so sad but fucking true
You don´t have do be a man of knowledge
To see that we are
Uneager to admit our guilt

There are too many of us
Who choose the wrong way for certain
Their prospects only last for a life time
Where is this leading to
when selfishness prevails community
This is not just another story
It is our history
In times like these where nothing is for free
We are still unable to relate to what we really need
Why can´t we appreciate all the things we have
Devil may fucking care
Track Name: XXX

Lay low for a minute
Chill down and go through again
All I remember are good times
A level that can´t be topped
1 hit, 2 hits, 3 hits dumped
it seems like I can see clear
still I know it´s not real
but I fucking enjoy it

Fuck the haters
I take it easy, I take it slow
Still I´m living life on the fast lane
Between the edges
Lifes to short to square around
I celebrate the moment that I´m having
Nothing more to say except
Bros before hoes
Track Name: COMPLAIN

It´s time to pay up motherfucker
All the shit you portray will crash down on you
You can´t handle your charges
So why the fuck do you care about everyone elses
A piece of shit like you has nothing to say
You keep on talking...

Now stop to claim ´cause all you do is complain
You fucker call yourself so poor
Stop to claim ´cause all you do is complain
Don´t you know that noone grieves for you

Shut your face or pass out
Whatever comes will bring you down
Do you listen to yourself sometimes
I don´t think that you even could

Stop to claim
Don´t complain
Don´t you know that noone grieves for you
You have no right to complain
Track Name: HONESTY

You don´t have to change if you don´t want to
But always be aware of who you are
We are all renegades
Noone sees it all
As long as you´re honest you can´t be wrong

We don´t want to reinvent the wheel
We know where we´re at
And this is real
You better get that
Everything I stand for
All that I love boosts my back
You can´t get me wrecked

I´ve been through so much shit
Brought to my knees
And I know it will always be
But I rise up, strife up
Deep-seated on my feet

Everything I stand for I reached through honesty
I don´t care if you get me wrong but it is all that I love
It boosts my back

I am deep-seated on my feet
Track Name: SHIT WON'T DIE
Shit won´t die

This live is turning like a pit
Asses on the top and faces down to shit

The blood flows until we all drown in our deeds
The day we start to regret will be the day where it´s too late
It´s hard not to lose hope
And hold on to your beliefs
There will always be the ones
Who want to destroy your peace

One problem resolves and two result
We won´t face the consequences until the day
Where we get blown away
Shit won´t die

People are still barbaric and primitive
All their shit they justify with selfmade rules

Shit will never die
Track Name: FACE TO FACE
Face To Face
The way I live is right for me so why can´t you just let me be
You need to understand that everyone could choose
their own thoughts and their own views
Fuck off
I don´t need your agreement don´t need your ideas
Better off checking your own ideals
I step back to attack are you ready to fight
Now we´re face to face you cannot hide
Face to face

You keep on pushing now I can´t stand it no more
This is a fight you can´t win you shouldn´t hold on
All you want now is to fuck off and leave this place
But now we´re face to face

I have no fear, no despair, no disgrace
For what I do I´ll never feel a fucking distaste
You think you know it all try to pigeonhole me
Fuck you
You never tried to push through
Never did, never will and never do
In all your thoughts you´re so confined
You never jump off your secure line
I don´t want to
But you choose to fight
Now I show you what I´m like
Time to confess

Another tragedy hits the page
You try to block it out
Your misgivings unsettle you
At least you try to persuade yourself
That something like that
could never happen to you
deep inside you know
that it´s something you can´t control

Point all your fingers
Straight to yourself
Now it´s time to confess

The anger boils in my blood
I can´t believe what I see
How can it be real
The human race is to blame
Security is an illusion
We made our own hell

You fuck things up
because you don´t give a fuck
We all got blunted from our failures
We hunt, we dump
Suddenly we are stumped
That all our acts fall straight into our backs
We destroy the natural course of things
Do we really think that it will bring
A better world and more happiness
It would be just another mess

Point all your fingers
Straight to yourself
Now it´s time to confess
That we are the ones who cause this mess

A world of plastic is not fantasic
We suffocate our planet

We kill the world
Slowly but sure
We kill the world
And we kill ourselfs
Fuck Your Words

This one goes out to the crew
To the people who appreciate what we do
We don´t care about the others
Fuck what the say, this is our shit

We´re not dependent on wimps like you
Fools who only obtain their own point of view
No ones impressed from what you do
Motherfucker start to question yourself

We will never stop doing this shit
It´s not your problem what we make out of it
We do what we do and we don´t do it for you
Fucker try to get it, we are through
Who the hell do you think you are
To judge our way of life
Without having any clue
What this whole shit is about

You start a war with words
What the hell are you up to
You may destroy the dreams of little girls
But dick-head I destroy you
We´re not to blame that your life sucks
We don´t even care about you
You´re just another minor shitface
In this fucked up world

Fuck your words
Don´t vent your shit on us
Fuck you
Track Name: GAME OF WAR
Game of War

The System´s fucked up
Empires rise
Sons are dieing, mothers they cry
Forever foes like the rich and the poor
Always fighting ´cause someone wants more

This is the game of war
Aimless war

You keep on playing this moldy game
Now for a while
How many sons must die
For your farthers dreams

You destroy families
You destroy mind
So many care
But noone ends this brainsick crime

You claim a medal for taking lives
Wear it with honor - at a sacrifice
Still you´re proud of what you´ve done
´till you realize what you´ve become
I hope you die in hell
Get hanged and burned
And everyone like you gets what he earns
Because you never change you never will
So I wish you the worst
At the end fuck you
This is nothing new
Let´s end this game for good
Track Name: BLAST

Bounce the blast
Don´t make them last
Show the will to get through this
Show your will, don´t let them bring you down
On their level
Track Name: NO ESCAPE
No Escape
Easy to kill but hard to survive
This is just our everyday life
There´s so much shit going on in this world
Who takes the blame who takes the pain
We´re leaded by assholes who got no idea
What it´s like to live down here
They pretend to care about what people need
But they just satisfy their own greed

In a world full of hate there is no escape
In a world full of hate you gotta fight for your fate

Respect is rare, honor disappears
Friends become enemies, pleasure now is fear
The word of a man doesn´t mean a shit
The only thing that counts is a big profit
As long as you pay you´ll be okay
No one will ever question you can hide away
The less you have, the more you must give
We all know the real terrorists