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released January 1, 2014




all rights reserved


Bloodshed Remains Ybbs An Der Donau, Austria

After years of hard work their new EP PEACE creates a fresh sound for BSR, which they really like to expand on their next LP (BsR already works with Nick Jett on a date for the LP). They wrote this EP with a new line up and also the message of the EP has a clear aim in reminding people and themselves that there`s still a long way to go for the world in finding a way to live together in PEACE …! ... more

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Track Name: BLOODSHED REMAINS - Global Isolation
Global Isolation

The media says buy fresh shit from overseas
They swing their green flags with the golden dollar sign on it

Right in front our faces they are blocking the path to the truth
and claim it is gonna heal the world,
but in fact the western countries push their claws full of ever- hungry demand
deeper and deeper into the chest of the „one world“.
From Ybbs City to Manila and all over the world
since you can`t get away better stand up and fight
and make your voice be heard

If you ask yourself: “why DO i work in this sweatshop?”
Industry screams: “forget your suspicions if you want
feet your families”

From this disease you can`t hide in your bed or in your head!
It`s all over and we`re all infected! It´s time to realize
People are bashing and jobs are smashing, globalisation plays with us!
The future has it`s shimmers of hope, so keep them up and don`t ensalve yourself to world trade.
Track Name: BLOODSHED REMAINS - Crew Anthem
Crew Anthem

The stage is set and we´re ready to roll
So step the fuck forward this is a hardcorde show
I know you´ve heard it all before and you know what it´s about
But please let me tell you just a little thought
I don´t see any sense behind fighting in the pit
You motherfucking bitches make me wanna quit
All these people are there for the music
So show some respect
your fucked up attitude has no effect

Still I won´t judge you
By one wrong move
I won´t judge you, no
Wherever you come from, whatever you do
You are always welcome when we party with the crew

Hate breaks what you use to love
Small mindedness just tears you apart
You can´t convice me with whatever you do
your destructive acts won´t bring you any good
It´s hard, I know, to give in ones weakness
But in the end it proves uniquness
Believe in the scene, we all have your back
Be yourself and stop to separate

Chr.: 2x

This is not a motherfucking war zone
No one here is longing for a broken bone
If you want to, arrange a fucking fight club
But don´t destroy the show
Just fucking get out (2x)
Track Name: BLOODSHED REMAINS - You Lost
You Lost

I pick you out and tell you what I think about you and your fucked up attitude
Your´re so called life is just pretended and hidden behind a curtain of fear
wake up, wake up this is not the world as it used to be,
the people won´t follow you anymore
You are not a prayer just motherfucking betrayer

We are too different and I read through your fucking lies
No I won´t believe your shit, I won´t believe you

You preach without grounds to stand on, the blind leads the blind
My belief is proved by my doings, come on and show me yours 2x

If anyone could just read through all these lies, what the fuck would be left?
Is there still any truth behind the words you´re speaking,
I´m not the only one who challenges you and your fucking system
If you didn´t get me yet then come and tell me and I´ll spit it right in your face

Mister preacherman you fucking lost,
No one here is into your shit anymore
Track Name: AGAINST - Legions of Parasites

i was born on this rock
more than 30 years ago
everything i wanted i fought to achieve
living of handouts never appealed to me
i do for myself and take what i need
these times I'm at my wits end
i can't begin to understand
we live outside our means
and devour everything
like its someone else's fault if we don't succeed
want want want more hands than ever before
culture of dependance
a legion of parasites
Track Name: AGAINST - No Master

we are the broken masses neglected and ignored
finding our own answers always question the unknown
dictated to from birth blueprint for our future
aspire to do well gain success in another's eye
I wont be controlled spit defiance in there face
wont be cultivated for another's means
the world we want we must create
and the changes we must make
i wont be bound by this abuse
church, cops and government
conditioned puppets for the tyrants
those who stand against are my mortal foe
i will challenge you and protest all you know
the world we want we must create
and the changes we must make
i wont be bound by this abuse
we are the disillusioned distracted from out lives
perceptions of a purpose it keeps us all in line
no master i will not be ruled
no master i will not be ruled
no master i will not be ruled
Track Name: AGAINST - Bring the End

fuck you
heavy hangs my head
betrayed from birth we're led down this path of lies
everything were taught
disrupts our train of thought down to our demise
we must seek revenge
i will bring the end
i stand aside no more
for every outcast like myself i pledge defiance
we must seek revenge
i will bring the end
bred to fall in line
teachings of our forefathers
are just stepping stones in your way
in your way