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1st Full Length - Ybbs City Hardcore 2010


released February 1, 2010




all rights reserved


Bloodshed Remains Ybbs An Der Donau, Austria

After years of hard work their new EP PEACE creates a fresh sound for BSR, which they really like to expand on their next LP (BsR already works with Nick Jett on a date for the LP). They wrote this EP with a new line up and also the message of the EP has a clear aim in reminding people and themselves that there`s still a long way to go for the world in finding a way to live together in PEACE …! ... more

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Track Name: HCB

We are the Bloodshed-Suckers
and we won´t kick you down
We want to see you dancing
and to jump around
We won´t burst the party
but wipe frustration out
So come on all my friends
let´s scream loud

Everybody´s moving forward
Come on face to face
HCB´s not gonna hurt you
He´s only here to seperate the waste
Oldschool, newschool, trueschool dance
We want to see your confidence
To all my fellas: stay rock´n´roll
and to the posers: fuck you all

Come on, show pride
Together we own the night

Come on rise up, raise your head
We keep bouncing until we´re dead
You gotta do it before it´s to late

Come on rise up, raise your head
Come on rise up, before you´re fucked up and dead
Track Name: 1980

Burn your wishes, down them all
Just remember if you were a member of the HC
Hardcore is a unity
Just look around and you will see
You are not alone
´cause Hardcore is a unity
Just start the fight, we are strong
and we own the night

1980 New York was rising
When the Hardcore was
crawling out of the streets
When the underground was bouncing
Then the law couldn´t do anything

Burn down the law
Just stay Hardcore

Now in this time it´s getting so close
We can build a fucking Hardcore unity
When the undergound was bouncing
Then the law cannot do anything

Burn your wishes, down them all
Power to the streets
Born out of the fucking streets
Track Name: MY OWN WAY
My Own Way

This is my life
This is my choice
It´s my own way

What you think means nothing to me
I got my life and I love it this way
You can´t change me so don´t even try
Hardcore is running through my veins
It keeps my heart pumping
You can´t defeat me, so don´t even try

This is all I´ve got
My reality
Still I´m living it in my own way
This is my path of truth
My attitude
Still I´m living it in my own way

I don´t force my opinion on you
I never said that I speak the truth
It´s my way, my point of view
Fuck off don´t waste my time
You got your life and I got mine
How can´t you see that I´m just fine

I go my own Way
Track Name: RESPECT

Don´t waste you life, let´s go hard
The clock keeps ticking and you´re smart
So stand up, raise your voice
Make your decision, take a choice
One step forward, no step back
Respect your life or you get wrecked
Our hope is our lead, never give up
and don´t be….

Aggressive, Depressive?
Come on, let your life be Hardcore
Aggressive, Depressive?

Now it´s your turn to step out
It´s your big entrance, come on let´s shout
Show the world who you are
Just keep on moving and be like you are

Break out of this life that you hate
Let your life be Hardcore, show some respect
Let nobody tell you what to do

Aggressive, Depressive?
Come on, believe in Hardcore
Aggressive, Depressive?

Don´t waste your life
Let´s go hard
What We Live For

We represent the Austrian Hardcore
and we´re coming straight to your face
We live our life with pride and respect
We´re the oldschool Hardcore sound
and we´re coming straight to you face
We attack like a fucking Hydra

This is our way, it´s our life
We live Hardcore
Right where we are we will stay
and never fade away
This is our home, it´s our truth
We live Hardcore
Right where we are we will stay
and never break away

„B“ stands for our brotherhood
It is burned in our hearts
„S“ stands for our fucking strength
„R“ means we´re the last resistance
This is Bloodshed Remains

This is how we live
It´s what we live for

Source of Strength

Sometimes I feel the sickness
It seems I can´t go on
Surrounded by my failures
and everything goes wrong
But nothing drags me down I got my friends by my side
They believe in me and make me move on

Back to the roots, to the source of my strength
I regret nothing, I´ll always stay the same
I will never slander where I come from
I won´t change
Back to the roots, to the start of my way
I still believe and I won´t betray
All the thoughts and hopes that I had
I won´t change

Destroy the faces and all your fucking fears
If you don´t fight against them, they´ll never disappear
You have to face the fact that you get what you deserve
You´d better think twice or you´ll pay with your life
I don´t suppress the shit that I´ve been through
I don´t deny my past

No Regrets
Track Name: THE DAGGER ...
The Dagger

A bloodstained dagger, it has been thrown
Into the darkened depths you call your own
Down there in nebula clouds
You´re trying to find this long way out
Always fighting against the rest
Feels like a ton of bricks to your chest

Your dagger, it isn´t a shame
A handsome one, there´s nothing to explain
Your dagger, this brutal assault
An awesome one, will be your fault
Your dagger to come

Still the hopes are floating through my inside eye
Although you stopped the moaning
you cut down like rye
Cut down like rye

Your dagger, it isn´t a shame
A handsome one, there´s nothing to explain
This bloodstained dagger has finally found it´s goal
To rape you cynic kind of your soul
Track Name: ... CRUSH

Now all my friends it´s time, get out
Raise your daggers and get loud
Drop the bricks now from my chest
I have no loss so fuck the rest
Fight those posers and the greed
Fuck them all I do not need
Now it´s time that you get out
Now it´s time to get out!
Track Name: LIBERTY (feat. Carl - First Blood/Justin - Alcatraz)

We come with hope to fight what we hate
We fought for you and took the city back
It´s time for us to go and give it back
The thing you’ve owned before!
We come for you to face the threat that we all hate
We fight for you to take the city back
It’s right what we do we do it just for you
It’s our life the truth!

We dare for you to stand
against the anger of men
We cross for you
the last of all their lines
It’s time for us
to go and grab it back,
The thing you´ve lost before!

Believe in what you do, we do the same
Together we’re a few, but walk in fame
Without us it’s so dark, you struggle hard,
We won’t pay the fee, spread reality
Rely on what you have, it’s for real
Together we pull through, we break the seal
Without us it’s so fake, we’re your mate
We won’t turn to see, feel liberty

Proud of our town
We will hold the crown
Proud of our town
We won’t lose the crown
Track Name: JUDGED

That´s our style, our truth
our way of life
which you can´t change
cannot destroy

Hardcore is back

Graceless we wipe the streets
to make a better scene
not for money, not for business
We justify, we´re the Hardcore Pride
Just give a damn
live our own rules

Brainless you treat our souls
burn our wishes
you have no right, our life is not your buisness
Let´s climb these heights
Don´t cross our way or we will fight
Go fuck yourself

Don´t be my judge, you can´t control me
Don´t stay behind, don´t rape my back

This is the style we prefer
We love it that it´s even sick
We never grow out of the culture
We´re born in the mosh pit
Track Name: NEW BLOOD
New Blood

No respect, just problems
That´s the way we go through this world

I want to give the next generation
the sickness we have
That they´ll never have to follow
and live without regrets
They shall not do what someone says
´cause no one tells the truth
The only way you have to act
is yours, it´s you

Fearless you step into a world
without hopes an values
no one´s there to lead your way
Filled with fales information
you´re pushing forward
to face your own selfmade tragedy

No respect to us
just because we are different
but Hardcore is our life
We´re living just for us
Our friends and families

This is the life we would choose
We will not let us abuse
We just want to live like this
´cause that´s our style it won´t be missed
This is our life, this is our truth
The old generation and the youth
This is for real it´s not a show
We live for this

New Blood
This is the life we would choose
We will not let us abuse

New Blood
We just want to live like this
´cause that´s our style it won´t be missed
Hardcore, our life
Ahead Of The Game

We are strengthless and tired
However we give a fuck
If you abscond from justice
We´ll try hard to stop you

So sick and tired we won´t always be
Never give up the fight
against the greed
until we´ll be free

Come on you´re the one we need
In bitter darkness you will lead
You are strong enough to go ahead
We will follow until we´re dead
Better off dead before we integrate
In this system this we hate

As a union we´ll prevail
Together we will not fail
We live our lifes, don´t give a damn
In our name ahead of the game

Those leeches they will never stop
to save the ones who are corrupt
Exploit the world and poor folks too
but we won´t take it either won´t you
Should we have mercy up on those
As they would never act so generous

Rough we´re paving the streets
breaking through the fence
These eyes are looking to me,
but I reverse them
Staring, breaking and forsaking
Hell is coming over me

We are building a team
We are willing to win
We are living the dream
We´re not mean, we´re not fiend
We are building a wall
We are willing to roll
We are giving our souls
We´re not small, we bounz the ball

Sincere we´re watching the hood
We defend it
They´ll have no reason to sue
We comprehend them
Sowing, flowing and fast growing
We´re more than just a few

We´re breaking through
What will you do
We know what to do
We can´t be stopped

We are unleashed!
United We Bleed

Together we act like a giant fist
as a fucking unity
You cannont break our self-respect
our pride and our faith
Our spirit is stronger than ever
we love what we do and we´ll never be stopped

We stand mighty for what we believe
our fam, our friends and our scene
We give our heart and our soul
to get where we want
You better not cross our way

United we bleed, we won´t get down
United we bleed, pick you up from the ground

We hit the stage to give it all
the blood, the sweat and the tears
We will not be forgotten
our impact is left to stay